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About Us

Innovators. Dreamers.

Although our dreams of realizing inSCADA are very old, the first concrete step on this path was taken in 2014. Our desire to make a "SCADA Software Development Platform", which was at the idea stage until 2014, later evolved into the idea of ​​"Cloud SCADA". This dream turned into an R&D project with the acceptance of our application to the TUBITAK  TEYDEB 1507 R&D program in 2014, and after a very intense R&D process, our dream has now become a reality with the support of our experienced and devoted "Welcome inSCADA."


" Along with a very good idea, you must also have the suitable conditions to bring it to life. Otherwise, you may find yourself on a costly, endless, and disappointing "


ProMIS, was founded in 1994 as one of the eighth automation companies in Turkey. Since then, it has signed more than 100 projects in Turkey and abroad as an EPC or integrator in different sectors, especially in the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors. During this process, ProMIS carried out Turkey Distributorship of Citect SCADA software for many. During the Citect distributorship period, joint studies and projects were carried out with its partners operating in different sectors and different application areas. ProMIS, which has carried forward its team and experience in this process, has now turned into a strong, innovative organization that can generate new ideas from its experiences and implement these ideas.


Our R&D Project has been successfully concluded in 2016 under TUBITAK leadership[AS1] . The academic consultancy support, peer-reviews we received with the TUBITAK 1507 support program improved and strengthened our product.


The end product of our project, inSCADA, was used in medium and large-scale automation and SCADA projects carried out by ProMIS in Turkey and abroad, and with the application experience gained in these projects, it became stronger and turned into a stable and safe product. In turnkey projects completed by ProMIS from 2016 to the end of 2019, inSCADA was used at nearly 40 points as local SCADA applications.

"It was certified as a national and local product at the end of 2017."


InSCADA, whose licensing policies were determined by the end of 2019, was made available to all

SCADA / IIoT application developers.



*We thank KOSGEB and TUBITAK Institutions for their support.

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