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Engineers in the control room, looking at computer monitor.Image of a pump jack at monitor

Monitoring, control and reporting software developed on the inSCADA platform, specially designed for natural gas measurement and pressure reduction stations.

Why inSCADA Gas?

Having inSCADAgas at hand with a solution library of the many differences you may encounter in the field gives you and your customer confidence. It saves you time to do measurement-oriented studies for requests and needs.

With inSCADAgas, you don't just buy software. You include field and software engineers who have been involved in the design, project, application and commissioning of SCADA systems of more than 300 natural gas pressure reduction and measurement stations in the gas industry. inSCADAgas is a cross-platform SCADA software. It can run on Linux-based operating systems. This will save you operating system costs and most of your security problems. This uniqueness makes inSCADAgas integrators stand out even more than their competitors. inSCADAgas mobile applications are free. inSCADAgas has unique mobile applications that facilitate the work of the operators in the operation of gas measurement stations and put safety at the forefront. inSCADAgas pricing policy offers the flexibility needed to meet your business needs. 

The inSCADA platform, together with its capabilities, offers user-friendly and unique analysis-reporting tools for gas applications. inSCADAgas can create your SCADA / HMI software suitable for your gas measurement and control system in a few minutes with a simple wizard.


It has a large updatable library of devices, a functional model of gas measurement and control systems. inSCADAgas can even be applied to unique measuring systems outside of this model. inSCADAgas has many development and configuration tools you would expect from a SCADA software.

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