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Construction chemicals Production Facility

Construction chemicals production facility SCADA application.

Post Date: October 2023

Project Year: 2022

"SCADA application, which is integrated with the SAP system and produces with recipes and work orders, was commissioned by our partner VARLIK Makina at the Mardin facility of KALEKIM, Turkey's leading construction chemicals manufacturer."

About the Application

Integration with SAP System

The production planning of the facility is prepared as work orders on SAP by the planning department, and then production is carried out by the operators in accordance with the recipe information attached to these work orders.  Completed work orders are edited as completed on SAP and feedback is given to the planning department. This production cycle continues in this way.


This process, managed by the planning and production departments, was completely digitalized with inSCADA and SAP integration. As a result of the meetings held with the facility IT team, the integration process was completed in accordance with the existing infrastructure.


In this integration process;

  • A JDBC connection was established between inSCADA and SAP's Oracle Database.

  • inSCADA read data from necessary tables such as work orders, recipes, material definitions on the SAP side.

  • The data read by SAP was presented to the operators with grids and forms in the user interfaces of the SCADA application.

  • Operators were enabled to select work orders and recipes for production on the SCADA application.

  • The recipe selected by the operators was sent to the PLC for production.

  • The results of the production carried out by the PLC were recorded again in the PostgreSQL database on the inSCADA platform.

  • Appropriate 'SQL Views' were prepared in PostgreSQL to receive production results by SAP.

Note: PostgreSQL is the database where metadata data used in the inSCADA Platform infrastructure is kept.

Hardware and software resources;


  • Desktop computer with i5 processor,

  • 8 GB RAM,

  • 512GB SSD,

  • Windows 11 Operating System,

  • 2 21"  Monitors,

  • Siemens S7-300 PLC,

  • inSCADA 5000 I/O 20 Client License

SAP ve inSCADA Entegrasyonu

Picture 1: Topology


The user screens of the application on the inSCADA Platform were designed using the ISA-101 standard.

Construction chemicals production plant main SCADA screen

Picture 2: Main Screen


"The process is controlled and monitored through a computer and two monitors connected to this computer. Different user interfaces of the application are displayed on each monitor."

Picture 3: Control room

"Production reports can be filtered through the SCADA application."


Picture 4: One of the reporting screens

Raw Material Definitions

"Raw material definitions defined in the SAP system are transferred to the inSCADA Platform. These definitions are assigned to silos by operators."

Picture 5: Raw material definitions and Silo Assignments

Screenshot 2023-11-03 233812.png
Screenshot 2023-11-03 234154.png
Screenshot 2023-11-03 234549.png
Screenshot 2023-11-03 234907.png

Picture 6: Pop-up control user interfaces designed as faceplates

While developing the application on the inSCADA Platform, parametric and dynamic configurations were preferred to shorten the development process and reuse the application in other facilities. The inSCADA platform enables the reuse of similar components and component groups and their parametric configuration with faceplate and template structures.

"As in this application, there may be dozens of equipment such as pumps, valves, filters, etc. in your facility. You can design a single example of the control and monitoring user screen as a faceplate for a single one of them and use it many times within the application."

We would like to thank our partner "Varlık Makina", who implemented this application,

for choosing the inSCADA platform in their projects.

Please contact us to benefit from the advantages of inSCADA in your similar applications. 

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