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"Increase your visualization and analysis capabilities of your SCADA/IIoT Applications"

inSCADA Historian

inSCADA Platform saves the data it collects in the time series database. In this way, historical data can be called, statistical values calculated  , reported and analyzed much faster. The inSCADA Platform is a natural "Historian" tool with this feature. 

Integration with BI Tools

inSCADA Platform can be integrated with many known modern BI analysis and reporting tools. 

These ; Grafana, Power BI, Excel and others...


trend chart

inSCADA Platform offers a powerful process analysis tool to review and analyze your recorded data. With this tool, you can quickly access many statistical values of your time-dependent data. Depending on the time interval filter you set, alarms, event logs and user activity logs are also displayed on the same analysis screen. In this way, you have the ability to examine all activity records that may affect your data in moments of suspicious change. 



You can place the mimic screens of your applications on the inSCADA Platform on the Grafana dashboards. Even the opposite is possible. You can place your Grafana dashboards on your mimic screens and inSCADA dashboards on the inSCADA platform.

With Grafana, you can access the data you collect on the inSCADA platform by connecting to the inSCADA database, and prepare analysis and reporting screens.



inSCADA provides an add-in tool to easily retrieve historical data from Microsoft Excel. With this tool, you can import historical data into your Excel by connecting to the inSCADA platform from the inSCADA menu opened in Excel. You can even link real-time data to Excel cells. 

A useful tool where you can use your analysis capabilities in Excel to analyze your process.

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