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solar cell plant and wind generators in urban area connected to smart grid.Energy supply,w

Monitoring, control and reporting software developed for microgrids on the inSCADA platform.

Why inSCADA Microgrid Control Software?

inSCADA microgrid control software is independent of the brand of your energy sources,

it is rugged, reliable and optimized for facility manager ease of use. 

Single point of interaction for the entire microgrid and can be accessed both remotely and in the field. 

inSCADA Microgrid Control software runs locally on the industrial PC inside the control cabinet.
All real-time control and notifications are performed locally for the most reliable performance.

provides remote connection for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes only. 

inSCADA Microgrid Control Software provides;

  • Both active and historical alarms for the system, 

  • Database for email alerts and event logging,

  • The energy resources of the system must be maintained for at least 10 years.built-in data to provide historical performance and trend data base. 

  • Solution with a standard user interface for all power system energy sources, providing full control of energy resources and reducing training requirements. 

  • inSCADA Microgrid Control Software is a perpetual software license that will operate indefinitely.

inscadagas more

With its inSCADA platform capabilities, it offers user-friendly and unique analysis-reporting tools for microgrid control applications. inSCADA Microgrid Control software ensures the most efficient control of your grid. 
It optimizes your energy resources and critical loads in your microgrid according to your usage regime.

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